MapReduce cookbook for machine learning

Here’s a paper from Stanford showing how to use MapReduce to scalably implement ten different machine learning algorithms!

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8 Responses to “MapReduce cookbook for machine learning”

  1. Lukas Vlcek Says:

    Good link. Thanks!

  2. burtonator Says:

    Hm… good find. I’m going to have to read this one.

    We’ve been planing on OSSing a similar framework to Mapreduce which I’ve been meaning on pinging you about.

    Anyway. More to come.

  3. MJ Says:

    Wow that is definitely very cool! It’s great not having to worry about hardware and communication stuff and still be able to parallelize all these important algorithms so easily.

  4. Trung Says:

    I’m studying Nutch and I think you could help me, please!

  5. bambang Says:

    mencari sumber lain

  6. kevin Says:


  7. sugenk Says:

    Thanks for the link… ;)
    What is the easier way to understand about MapReduce-hadoop?

  8. Piyas De Says:

    Trying to understand the hard works. Thanks for the knowledge sharing…

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