NYC 2004 WWW Conference

I’ll be speaking about Nutch at the NYC 2004 WWW Conference on Saturday, May 22nd at Developer’s Day.

I don’t think I can recycle my other Nutch talks for this, so I need to come up with something new… Any ideas?


2 Responses to “NYC 2004 WWW Conference”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    How about: ‘Nutch + XSB’-powered Go_Ogle

    Details at

    The Opportunity Services Group(OSG)’s internships for 1.0ers will be set at our online social networking service, code-named Go_Ogle.

    The earliest internships will focus on Go_Ogle’s leading-edge technology [i.e. GLPL’ed XSB) for searching social networks, which is also a ‘must-use’ in corporate turnarounds.

    We will market our interns, suppliers, intern employers, Go_Ogle and OSG through profitable comedy programming, online and on television. The initial television program — The Secret Life of Windows of Opportunity — will center on the comic plight of OSG’s CEO: like many men, he wants to succeed in my professional life and also be the best boyfriend, and later husband and father, he can. In his case, achieving this balance:

    * is complicated by the magnitude of the stakes in the early CLLCS market.

    * will be further complicated by OSG-affiliated actresses and models, who will routinely employ their beauty, their charms more generally, and the latest innovations from the burgeoning sciences of enhancing desirability, to make a favorable impression on him.

    The online complement to the sitcom — Windows of Opportunity — will chronicle, among other storylines, the variations on the CEO’s experience that will characterize interactions between OSG-affiliated actors/actresses/models and OSG employees at all levels of the company.

    BTW, this excerpt is derived from a biz plan that is Microsoft-approved (Nutch is already in the plan :-).

    Feel free to contact me with any questions, etc.


    Frank Ruscica

  2. hcyz Says:


    I am studying the Nutch code.

    I am very interested in the ranking algorithms used in Nutch. It’s not talked in your previous two slides. I found some information in the javadoc, but I really want to get a whole picture of how Nutch ranks web pages.


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