new Lucene release

I just made a new release of Lucene. There are some cool new features in 1.4, like span searching, result sorting, and term vectors. There are also some optimizations which should make searches faster, lots of bug fixes, etc.


One Response to “new Lucene release”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Doug;

    I am trying to integrate Lucene to a company intranet and am having a lot of problems.

    Do you know of any good tutorials that demonstrate how Lucene can be integrated into a web app?

    At present I have the Indexer running in a Listener so it indexes each time the application starts.

    I have a form which posts to another servlet that creates all the object required to run a query against the index created by the listener and display the hits.

    The problem is some of the queries that should match are not. And the ones that do return results, the document contents and title come out of the Hits collection as null?

    If you could point me to some resource online that could help it would be awesome.



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