I a discussion of niche directories someone asks:

Imagine then many good niche directories tapped through lets say an open source search portal?

But maybe instead of a single portal, what’s needed are lots of niche search engines. (Nutch is a natural for either application…) One could crawl a bit from the pages listed in the directory, and maybe even implement a link analysis algorithm which scores pages by how well they are linked to the original directory.


2 Responses to “niches”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How about adding focused crawling to nutch?
    ie the relevancy ranking algos are used at crawl-time to gather subject-related content. If the pre-trained spider recognizes it has wondered “off-topic” it halts crawling on that site/page.

  2. Andy Bensky Says:

    When I was managing Search Engineering at Infoseek I created about 2 dozen niche indexes by spidering a group of specialized sites for each niche. In our internal testing where you could search them all from one screen it was really useful. Then the Portal Producers took control and buried the search boxes on all different portal pages that were never seen. Shame. It was a cool service, and very easy to set up.

    I’m not sure if it’s ok, but I have some search engineering related jobs avaliable at a cool startup and would like to post them on the nutch-developers list. Is that ok? Thanks.

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