web search is a commodity

Word has it that huge advances in web search are just around the corner, and that the big web search engines have lots of fancy secrets that make their search better. Folks speak of web search as a specialty product, not a commodity.

Bah! Web search is a commodity. Google hasn’t fundamentally altered its search engine in over five years. If companies have big new web search tricks up their sleeves, don’t you think we’d have seen them by now? And Yahoo! was able to more-or-less clone Google’s web search in fairly short order.

Google is more like Coca-Cola than like Eminem. Coca-Cola has a strong brand because of great marketing and operations. Like Google, Coke would like you to think that its secret recipe is its key to success, but fans of RC-Cola know better. Eminem can’t be so easily cloned. Yes, he has good marketing and operations, but he also has a dark secret in his soul that makes him harder to replace.


4 Responses to “web search is a commodity”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Quick question: what happens to the world now that search is a commodity?

    I mean, what changes? What wants become needs now that search is a commodity.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  2. khanh Says:


  3. Scott Mc Says:

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  4. Karan Peret Says:

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