beagle, gcj

Nat Friedman reports:

Jon Trowbridge’s Lucene-based indexer, beagle is really starting to kick ass. With a single dialog you can now search your files, you mail, your addressbook, and Google, and all the results get returned in an aggregated view. We have filters for text, html and OpenOffice files so far; adding PDF and Microsoft Office filters would be a nice project for someone.

Note that most of the Lucene-based personal search thingys are not using a JVM. Several are using the C# port of Lucene (Lookout, beagle), and Seruku translates Java to native code. I find this latter approach pretty interesting. GCJ in GCC 3.4 runs Lucene very quickly. But I don’t know how small of a Win32 app you can build with GCJ. Has anyone played with that?

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