closing the loop

A blast from my past. When I wrote that code I didn’t think anyone would ever read it, more less try to run it. I wrote the paper so that I could visit Barcelona, and thought that fleshing it out with code would impress the reviewers. It seemed to work. Barcelona was incredible. Folks danced to a crazy band playing on the plaza outside the cathedral after Easter mass. Traditional Catalan music, I guess. The “Flying Norwegians” kept me out all night at strange, unmarked clubs. Two men were fighting at 4am on the Ramblas. One hit the other over the head and he fell down, covered in blood. I thought he was dead until he rose up from the ambulance stretcher, swinging his fists, screaming, and ran off into the night. The culinary academy’s menu was only in Catalan, every dish a delectable surprise. Now someone’s actually read the code!


5 Responses to “closing the loop”

  1. Brad Wickwire Says:


    I saw a nutch bot on one of my sites so I thought I would come check it out and am I glad I did. It appears this might actually help me in what I am looking for but not 100% sure so was wondering if you could help me figure out for sure.

    I only wish to spider RSS Feeds finding new feeds on the internet and storing them in our database and then at a set interval go back and spider the feeds and indexing any any new items. The spider we currently have has issues and sometimes we have people complain as it gets stuck on their site.

    Does this appear that it would be something that your open source software could handle? I would love to talk to you about some other things including you being employeed by yahoo as I think its great to see someone able to join them and still keep doing the same thing they love to do.

    If you could please shoot me a email at (remove the dots)

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