travel plans

Next Thursday, I’ll be in San Francisco for the Nutch Meeting.

I’ll be in Helsinki for most of July, hosted by Wray Buntine, attending the International Workshop on Intelligent Information Access there July 6-8, among other things.

I’ll probably also attend the Open Source Information Retrieval workshop at SIGIR in August.

3 Responses to “travel plans”

  1. Ach Says:

    Dear Doug,
    I am interested in Lucene project and wanna be a volunteer developer, How could I register for?
    -Thanks for your great work and this blog

  2. Doug Cutting Says:


    To participate in Lucene, simply join the Lucene mailing lists. Better yet, use Lucene and find something that you want it to do that it doesn’t yet. Then submit a patch. Or add documentation to the wiki.

  3. Robin Mulkers Says:

    Hi Doug,
    Would you consider to be a speaker at Javapolis this year?
    robin dot mulkers at javapolis dot com

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